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02.03.2019  VisualPipe. В версии 1.0.67 добавлен выбор расчетных величин (массовый расход, давление на входе, давление на выходе)

18.02.2019  VisualPVT. An English version of the site is available (see the RUS / ENG options of the main menu)

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  • 07.02.2015    VisualPVT-
    - Added "Pipe / Well" tab with a set of correlations to calculate the coefficient of hydraulic friction
    - Fixed: saved new correlation appeared in the tree only after restart
    - Fixed: When creating a new correlation in the log incorrectly display line numbers in error
    - Updated main icon
  • 04.05.2014    VisualPVT-
    - Added a menu button for the editor / view selected in the correlation tree
    - Новые корреляции: Z-фактор: ОНТП 51-1-85, корреляция Бертло
    - Gas viscosity: GOST 30319.3-96, ONTP 51-1-85, STO Gazprom 2-3.5-051-2006
    - Gas heat capacity: ONTP 51-1-85
  • 02.09.2013    VisualPVT-
    - Added English version of the program (language change through the main menu "?")
    - Added correlations for heat capacity of oil (Shilov) and gas content of water (Gimatudinov, McCain)
  • 12.07.2013    VisualPVT-
    - Dindoruk-Christman and Glasgo correlations for oil are added: bubble point pressure, gas-oil ratio, formation volume factor, dead oil viscosity
    - Saturated oil viscosity calculation is added: Beggs-Robinson, Kartoatmodjo, McCain, Moiseeva, Standing, Tagintseva
    - The ?VisualPVTCore.dll not found? error message appearing upon correlations import is fixed
    - You can now import correlations to the tree (via synchronization with the source code)
  • 04.07.2013    VisualPVT-
    - The previous version bug is fixed: in some cases, calculation occured based on other than correlations selected from the tree of correlations
    - Input parameters are added: standard temperature and standard pressure
    - Gas correlations edited:
    - formation volume factor, compressibility and density are dependent on Z-factor and, by default, are calculated from an equation of state (?By Definition? option)
    - units in Brown (1948)
    - Abd-El-Fattah correlation for the pseudocritical properties of gas added
    - Correlations for gas viscosity are added: Lucas, Standing, Dempsey
  • 27.06.2013    VisualPVT-
    - Calculation of Z-factor under standard conditions based on GOST 30319.1-96 is added
    - Z-factor methods are added:
    - ГОСТ 30319.2-96: mod. GERG-91, mod. NX19
    - Standing-Katz (1942), Hall-Yarborough (1973), Dranchuk-Purvis-Robinson (1974), Dranchuk-Abu-Kassem (1975)
    - Recalculation of gas pseudo critical density based on Z-factor is performed in the following correlations: compressibility (McCain), density (Shylov(1985)), viscosity (Jossi)
    - Autosave minor bugs are fixed
  • 20.06.2013    VisualPVT-
    - Portable zip-version is released
    - The bug is fixed: measurement units were reset upon changes made in a set of tree correlations
  • 13.06.2013    VisualPVT-
    - A graphical viewer of calculated dependences is added
  • 07.06.2013    VisualPVT-
    - Fully functional 30-day trial version
    - The bug is fixed: error message upon check for updates when the site is unavailable
    - The bug is fixed: startup failure upon decimal separator change in the operation system
  • 21.05.2013    VisualPVT-
    - Limited number of correlations for each property
    - Batch import of correlations from a folder is added
    - The editor of correlations allows selection of measurement units for calculated and input parameters
    - Measurement units converter with editing function is available now
    - Gas and water correlations are added
    - Check for updates is added