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18.02.2019  VisualPVT. An English version of the site is available (see the RUS / ENG options of the main menu)

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The software includes about 160 correlations for oil, gas and water.

Each correlation is open for on-the-fly modifications via the unique embedded VBA-based editor, thus, no programming skills are required.

Основная функциональность
Setup and portable versions
Multilanguage (ENG, RUS)
Correlation tree builing
Oil correlations: bubble point pressure, gas-oil ratio, formation volume factor, compressibility, density, viscosity, interfacial tension, heat capacity
Water correlations: compressibility, formation volume factor, density, viscosity, interfacial tension, thermal conductivity
Gas correlations: pseudo critical properties, Z-factor, formation volume factor, density, compressibility, viscosity, heat capacity, thermal conductivity
Calculation of the coefficient of hydraulic friction from the solution of the Colebrook equation, and on the approximate dependencies
Calculation under various temperature and pressure conditions
Tabulation of properties
Graphical representation of correlations on the same graph
Correlations list update
Creation of a new correlation
Edition of a correlation
Batch import of correlations from a folder
Measurement units
Unit converter
Editing function
Addition of new units
Autosave function
Technical support
Free updates
System requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) 32-bit и 64-bit.
  • Pre-installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 library.
  • Recommended to configure Windows Firewall to allow VisualPVT access to the Internet in order to check for updates..

Применение VisualPVT: